Aysan Machinery Metal Processing Industry

Machinery Park

AYSAN MACHINERY produces various production parts with filings, as a foundation which gives industrie service to Automotive and Machinery sectors. These can be catagorized as shortly; Pistons and Slides which are used on Hydrolic Pump and Valves, Pernos, Hollowscrews, Shafts, Plugs, Joints, Clutches, Towers, Plungers, Blocks, Bolts, Screws and various connection parts.


AYSAN MACHINERY has started its factory building that based on 3500 m2 covered area, with the aim of setting up its Production Park and Management Field on a larger and modern background envirement.


Another founding attack in the agenda of AYSAN MACHINERY is; always obtaining its machine park convinient to the advancing technology. By the way it is trying to have a passage through automation and transforms its machinery park into CNC type workbenches.


In this scope many CNC lathe workbenches and Vertical Processing Center have been involved to the machinery park.


AYSAN MACHINERY is now able to obtain very coplicated production parts with filings in the mesurements and sensetivity according to customer expectation, with its specialist engineer and operator staff and machinery park.



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