Aysan Machinery Metal Processing Industry


Company Profile

AYSAN MACHINERY has been founded to serve for automotive industrie in 1986. Our company which has cought the expanding trend since 1987, has reached its present level with always rising its production capacity and product variety since that date. It has succeeded to add different and bigger companies into its portfolio.

In the process until 1998, our company had gone towards to foundings of expanding its machinery park. Since that date, the company which speeded up its quality and quality safety activities, made its measuring equipments more fertile and spesific, and tryed to obtain an applicable quality system with starting activities to set up a quality safety system and application activities in the company.

AYSAN MACHINERY aims to apply a Quality Management System that focused on productivity, by the way focused on the customer, to strenghten its competitive advantage in competition envirement that is getting harder.

The goal is acquiring the demanded product at the first time too and by the way earning the customer satisfaction. We continue to effort with plans for rising our production capacity, managing the quality effectively on our all process, and developing and rising our quality level higher.

Our company targets to move its production field into its own factory envirement, develop its machine-equipment park, planning and applying a Quality Management System fitting to TS 16949, and by the way being a leader company in its sector.


Saim Topçu


General Manager

Aysan Machinery Metal Processing Industry

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